On Easter Sunday, Donald Trump spent his morning sending out various tweets that covered a lot of ground. While the president was busy sending out messages on social media, his administration appears to have mishandled the traditional White House Easter Egg Roll.

Botched roll-out

For the last 138 years, the White House Easter Egg Roll has been a annual tradition that brings together the community and the White House in a show of unity. In recent years, celebrities have shown up to perform, increased events for kids have been added, thousands of military members appear, with the president, first lady, and their family taking to the ground of the White House to enjoy the festivities.

The event is typically handled by the first lady, though the administration was late in setting up the details this year which has created a major issue. Melania Trump received heavy backlash for this after she promoted the event on Twitter, with social media users mocking the first lady for botching something as easy as an Easter gathering. However, while the administration was forced to scramble to put together the roll at the White House, Donald Trump held an invitation-only Easter egg hunt at his Mar-a-Lago private resort in Palm Beach, Florida, as reported by Raw Story on April 16.

According to the report in Raw Story, Donald Trump spent his Easter Sunday away from the White House, and in Florida.

After attending a local church, the First Family then headed over to Mar-a-Lago where they had lunch with some family and friends, while holding a private Easter egg hunt for those in attendance. Trump, who touted his alleged Christian beliefs during the primary and general election, attended church for the first time since being sworn into office..

Bunny blunder

In addition, Politico reported on Sunday that the administration is well aware of their blunder in putting together the Easter Egg Roll, and are doing their best to lower expectations because of it.

Last year, during former President Barack Obama's final time hosting the event, an estimated 37,000 people attended.

Due to the trouble of the current administration, the number for this year's outing is about half, with around 20,000 people being predicted to attend. White House Spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham told the press that the event should focus on the "quality of the children's experience," in what is being described as a deflection for the administration not taking care of the matter at hand at an earlier date.