Tory Lanez just got himself into some trouble. The musician was seemingly minding his own business when the police got a whiff of something wrong - expired registration tags. When he was pulled over, however, it turned out there was something even more problematic than the registration tags. What was found in his car was significant enough for him to be arrested by the Miramar Police Department in Broward County, Florida on Thursday.

Arrested for possession

When the police department pulled him over on Thursday, one of their first questions for Tory Lanez was the customary handing over of the driver's license.

He couldn't come up with a valid license, though, or any proof that he had insurance. That was just the start of his problems that resulted in his arrest, though.

Tory Lanez was also in possession of a firearm, which was concealed, and some marijuana (less than 20 grams worth). In Florida, the weapon could actually be considered a third-degree felony. That could carry a $5,000 fine and up to a five-year prison sentence. The other charges, which would be misdemeanors, wouldn't be as big of a deal. Shortly after he was arrested, the artist posted bond at $1,000 and quickly secured his release from jail on Thursday. Whether he winds up back there after the run-in with the law remains an open question, though.

Rise to stardom

Tory Lanez started getting some major recognition in 2014, when he released the mixtape "Lost Cause." Two of his singles, "Say It" and "Luv" have charted on the Billboard Hot 100. Less than a year ago, he released his debut album, "I Told You." The 24-year old also went on tour to support his album and was nominated for several awards - he's clearly an artist on the rise.

Just this year, he has already released two additional mixtapes.

He doesn't come without his occasional dose of controversy, though. He has a long-standing feud with fellow Canadian artist Drake, who seemingly dissed Tory Lanez on his new project, "More Life." He also had a beef with Jacquees, although that was eventually squashed and the two went on tour together.

Around this time last year, he incited a riot at one of his concerts, leading to arrests and possible legal action from the venue that hosted the concert. It doesn't seem terribly likely that the musician will serve jail time following his arrest on Thursday, but he would be wise to be careful avoid more skirmishes with the law going forward.