On Thursday #United airlines announced that it would raise the maximum cap for passengers voluntarily giving up their needed seat to $10,000. Delta Air Lines previously raise their cap to $9,950 in mid April, probably as a way to attract cynical United customers who deserted the airline after last week's violent scuffle with a passenger.

Security officers had brutally forced and dragged a middle aged doctor from a plane last fortnight in Chicago in order to ferry an airline employee to their Flight schedule in another location. The event has forced #United to analyze its dire treatment of passengers and has gotten the whole of America talking about how painful flying has become.

In a statement rehearsed and delicately sung out this week, the domestic airline stated that their goal was to become a customer-focused airline, which had many scratching their heads and wondering why the airline hadn’t been focusing on that before. #United also aims to lessen overbooking flights so that less people get bumped.

Lost luggage, ahoy

A company spokeswoman called Maggie Schmerin said that the airline would also seek more creative solutions such as flying passengers to different locations and using car services to complete their journeys, which sounds like fun to no one. In a further effort to reclaim flyer's faith, #United also said that it would treat lost baggage with more focus, paying flyers $1500 if their bags are lost.