Whilst Trump told reporters and the media on Thursday that the events in #Syria are a disgrace to humanity, many experts and analysts in the intelligence community are wondering at Russia's next move in the international situation.

Whilst the United States might want to think about some strategic military strikes in the vein of Bush Jr, the fact that Russian forces are present and involved in the country are demanding a careful touch from the Trump administration since things could get complicated.

On Thursday, after sending #President Assad some strong language about their presumed actions in the small town in northern Syria, Max Tillerson sent a warning shot to Russia about its support for the beleaguered country.

He announced that Russia should consider whether their support for the deadly Assad regime must continue or not, with an intoned emphasis on the 'not'.

How Obama approached Syria

The Obama administration had their own way of dealing with Syria. Firstly they had plans to engage in typical military air strikes of Syrian assets, such as equipment and radars. But then Obama decided to negotiate an agreement instead. The agreement was signed with the Russians and planned on getting rid of #Syria's declared stash of Chemical weapons.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, #President Trump expressed dismay at the chemical weapons attacks, calling it a truly egregious crime, but he also wouldn't say how he might respond strategically to such a crime and so had the world wondering what would happen next.