Whilst Donald Trump has scorned the recent Syrian attack, #Rex Tillerson has scorned President Assad. He was in a meeting with President Xi Jinping of China and President Trump on Thursday, and he said that there was 'no doubt in our minds' that Assad and his clerics in the government were surely responsible for the chemical attacks that killed many adults and children in northern Syria.

After witnessing the devastation of those attacks he said that there was no role or reason for Assad to govern the #Syrian people, who he had left choking and dying in that northern Syrian town.

Tillerson also added that President Assad’s exit would need to eventuate after a due “political process,” but he also, strikingly, opened up to the possibility of military payback by America as a response to the Assad's government use of chemical weapons.

Sean Spicer doesn't expand on the topic

Max Tillerson declined to elucidate what such a response might look like, as did Sean Spicer, the #White House press secretary, when discussing what President Trump was contemplating and brainstorming after seeing the shocking images from the Syrian chemical attacks that shocked the world. What we do know is that war could be on the horizon.