Scientists and researchers who work for the U.S. Environmental Science Division are getting buff thanks the American taxpayers -- even though they have free access to one of the largest, most state-of-the-art athletic facilities in the country. Americans for Tax Reform recently filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request and obtained a credit card receipt showing that epa contracting officer Kevin Broadnax purchased 37 gym memberships with a government credit card. According to Americans for Tax Reform, Broadnax purchased the 37 one-year memberships to a Las vegas-area health club in April of 2016 at a cost of $399.99 apiece, amounting to a total cost of $14,799.63.

EPA employees enjoy yoga and Jacuzzis on the taxpayer dime

The gym, as identified by the credit card receipt, is 24 Hour Fitness USA, Inc., which has several locations throughout the country. The Henderson, Nevada, facility caters to Sin City's high rollers by offering "unmatched amenities." The gym's website states that the facility boasts a steam room and whirlpool Jacuzzis with towel service, "Hatha blend" yoga, meditation courses and a members-only magazine.

And then there are the numerous members-only perks; members of 24 Hour Fitness are eligible to enter sweepstakes and giveaways with prizes ranging from luxury cruises and exotic vacations to free tickets to concerts and sporting events.

The EPA employees who received the gym memberships are based out of the National Exposure Research Laboratory at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, thereby giving them access to UNLV athletic and recreational facilities.

In fact, the UNLV newspaper brags that the school's 185,000 square foot Student Recreation and Wellness Center was recently awarded “Best Fitness Center” in the entire city of Las Vegas by a local magazine.

Staff and students of UNLV -- as well as National Exposure Research Laboratory staff -- are entitled to a full gym membership.

Even non-students and Regular Joes can take advantage of the campus wellness center for a mere $25. "Less than a membership with towel service at the Las Vegas Athletic Club," claims the UNLV Free Press.

Unfortunately, the Student Recreation and Wellness Center does not have a members-only magazine or reward members with luxury cruises.

Scott Pruitt vows to put an end to wasteful spending

On Thursday, after the matter was brought to his attention, new EPA chief Scott Pruitt announced on "Fox & Friends" that he will immediately put an end to the practice of federal employees charging gym memberships to government credit cards.

"It was the previous administration that granted those gym memberships," Pruitt stated. "It was something that needed to end."

In other words, it looks like the U.S. Environmental Science Division will have to go back to using UNLV's award-winning, 185,000 square foot athletic center. On the bright side, the UNLV gym does have its own juice bar -- which means Kevin Broadnax and his colleagues can drown their sorrows with fruit smoothies.