Stephen King is still keeping a critical eye on Donald Trump, revealing which of his written characters he believes to be similar to the president. The esteemed author of novels including “The Shining” and “Carrie” drew comparisons in an editorial for The Guardian. According to King, Trump could be both Jim Rennie from “Under the Dome” and Greg Stillson from “The Dead Zone.”

King against Trump

In his piece titled, “How do such men rise? First as a joke,” King reflects on the 45th president’s political rise and sees similarities to two sinister characters from his books.

The first is “The Dead Zone’s” Stillson, who albeit ridiculed by small New England town folk, goes on to become the mayor. He then wins a seat in the House of Representatives. When the novel’s protagonist encounters Stillson, he realizes Stillson might be on his way to the White House, paving the way for a colossal disaster.

Rennie from “Under the Dome,” on the other hand, is “cut from the same cloth,” King writes. The novelist describes the villain as the “worst possible choice in a time of crisis,” being a sociopath, a cozener and a crook.

King’s analysis

Both books were published before Trump won the presidential seat – “The Dead Zone” in 1979 and “Under the Dome” in 2009. However, King says the formula is practically the same.

First, they’re seen as joke. The masses see something different than the status quo, however, and that’s when they’re elected into office even though they’re incompetent with downright questionable characters. King notes that Trump’s negatives, as opposed to dragging him down, got him in position instead.

King being vocally critical of Trump isn’t a surprise to his fans, as he has been very outspoken regarding his disdain for the president.

Earlier in March, he managed to make a mockery out of Trump, taking to Twitter to provide his own “conspiracy theory” regarding the wiretapping allegations Trump pinned on former President Barack Obama.

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