Donald Trump is an unconventional man. He does not follow the beaten track. He has now sent his Son In Law jared kushner to Iraq. He is accompanying General Joseph Dunford, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on the latter's visit to Iraq. It appears that the general invited Jared to accompany him. Kushner landed in Iraq on Monday. Al Jazeera news channel has reported this.Iraq is a hotbed of activity, where the ISIS is in full force. The Iraqi army is battling the ISIS in a bitter fight to capture Mosul for the last many months. However complete success has eluded the Iraqi army, which at places has been bogged down.

The enemy has no compunction is using the civilian population as human shields, making the task of the US forces and Iraqi army more difficult. This probably led to a mistake in a raid, and over 100 civilians were killed in a US air attack. Whatever headway is being made is due to the aerial bombing by the US Airforce and Navy. The ISIS has no air support.

Power Center

General Joseph has realized that the power center in the White House is Jared and he has accordingly accepted the reality. He had asked Jared to accompany him to Iraq. Further details of the visit are kept under wraps, but the visit was significant It probably concerned the situation in Iraq and methods to defeat the ISIS. Jared is close to the president but has no political experience.

The president trusts him explicitly.

Kushner and foreign policy

Kushner has become an influential figure in Washington, and he is making all policy decisions. This has resulted in the sidelining of Tillerson as the secretary of state. Jared is helping Trump formulate his foreign policy, and his stamp can be seen in the ongoing decisions concerning Mexico and Canada as well.

Kushner has also played a big part in the coming meeting of Donald with the Chinese president. He has also been tasked by the president to resolve the differences between Israel and the Palestine Arabs. How successful he will be, has to be seen. He will also be questioned on the Russian connection by the Congressional committee.

Most powerful couple

Donald's daughter is also closely associated with the political process in Washington, as she is a special assistant to the president. This makes the duo the most powerful couple in Washington.