Oregon Democratic Senator Jeff Merkley is pulling an "all-nighter" to protest the nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch and to prevent his confirmation as the newest member of the SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States). Merkley is basing his protest on his belief that the GOP is "stealing" the SCOTUS by having previously blocked President Barack Obama's nomination of Merrick Garland and not even giving him a hearing, and by ramming Gorsuch's confirmation through the Senate. As Merely put it, the GOP led Senate intends "to pack the court of the United States of America," according to the Huffington Post.

A 'warfare tactic'

As Merkely described it, the attempt by the Senate to "pack" the court was "a warfare tactic of partisanship," according to the Huffington Post. As the battle lines have been drawn more succinctly, the possibility of any kind of agreement between Democrats and Republicans in the Senate has evaporated. Democrats in the Senate have attained enough votes to force a filibuster, which mandates a 60 vote majority for Gorsuch's confirmation. The filibuster was assured by Delaware Democratic Senator Chris Coons' promise to vote for the filibuster.

Mitch McConnell threatens nuclear option

Senator Mitch McConnell has threatened to use the "nuclear option," whereby only a simple "50 plus one" majority vote would be necessary to confirm Gorsuch.

However, the drawback of utilizing this option for Republicans is that it would permanently change the number of votes needed to confirm all future Supreme Court nominees, including ones nominated by Democratic Party Presidents. The next time there is a Democratic Party majority in the Senate with a Democratic President, the Supreme Court vacancy, if there is one, would be confirmed by a simple "50 plus one" majority vote.

Despite the fact that some Republican Senators have misgivings, McConnell stated that he has enough votes to invoke the "nuclear option." As it stands now, it appears that the Senate confirmation has narrowed down to a "toe to toe" contest between Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer, (D), the Senate Minority Leader. The outcome is yet unknown, but Americans on both sides of the aisle are making plans to watch as the drama unfolds on Friday, which is the day that McConnell promises that his "nuclear option," "50 plus one" vote will take place.

Other GOP troubles

Meanwhile, the GOP is having other problems. President Donald Trump, also a Republican, is facing mounting calls for his impeachment by a handful of cities across the country, the latest one of which was Cambridge, Massachusetts. Berkeley, California also voted to impeach Trump. Although the impeachment votes by cities are only advisory, the ramifications of the such votes go well beyond "advising" Congress. Members of Congress can be defeated in their reelection bids if increasing numbers of cities demand that Trump be impeached and they don't respond in kind. Worse yet for Trump, the ramifications of the municipal votes can result in his impeachment, which would prove to be very embarrassing for the GOP.

Jerry Brown admonishes Trump

As if the aforementioned is not enough trouble for Trump, he also was admonished by California Governor Jerry Brown for his executive orders requiring that undocumented workers and immigrants be deported from the United States. As Brown explained it, Trump's executive orders are even more of a tantamount concern when one considers the fact that most of the undocumented workers and immigrants have been in the United States for all or nearly all of their lives. As Brown summarily put it, "You don't treat human beings like that," according to Yahoo.