President Donald Trump completed his first 100 Days in office this week. The reaction to his policies was mixed, and the press was quite critical of his performance. According to Google Trends, there were five issues that Americans were most concerned about. They included immigration, H1B visas, Syria, abortion, and DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals). What did the press have to say about the how he performed on the issues?

How the world sees President Donald Trump

CNN reported that the world was surprised by the election of Donald Trump.

Many of his presidential campaign promises may have turned into u-turns for the president as the Trump Doctrine continues to emerge. He did name General James Mattis as the Secretary of Defense and H.R. McMaster as the National Security Advisor. Many see this as a solid national security team for the President. Regional and long-time allies see what he is doing as positive as in the case of NATO, where President Trump doesn't see the alliance as obsolete. Drawing a red line in Syria has also drawn a positive reaction.

On the other side of the world in Asia, allies like Japan and South Korea had concerns over the President's policy regarding North Korea. Allies want to see a tougher stance regarding North Korea's nuclear program. On the other hand, the USS Carl Vinson was seen as a debacle.

Iran, as part of Middle East policy, is seen as an unknown, and there's the issue of compliance with the 2015 nuclear deal. Bill Maher said that he was embarrassed by the President's performance.

The President's winners and losers on policy

The Washington Post reported that the first 100 days for President Trump really weren't that good even though his appointment of Supreme Court Justice Neil M.

Gorsuch was considered a success. There were few legislative successes for the President, and his approval rating is the lowest of any president of the modern era.

It was also reported that the White House resorted to citing highly misleading statistics, especially regarding the number of executive orders that he signed. Two of those orders were blocked by the courts.

The President's attempts to pass a health care bill have also stonewalled even though Speaker of the House Paul Ryan was on board with trying to get a bill passed. Ryan's approval ratings were even lower than the President's, so it might be possible that Ryan's rating influenced the healthcare bill in terms of not getting passed. Although Ryan is perceived as being a serious policy wonk, and Ryan is trying to be a team player, he may not be the skilled politician President Trump needs to get his (Trump's) agenda passed. What do you think of President Trump's first 100 days in office?