Bret Stephens, the "Never Trump" conservative columnist recently hired by the New York Times, published his first opinion piece for his new employer on Friday -- and was promptly attacked by liberals who lashed out with expletive-laden insults. Stephens' opinion piece on climate change argued that the unreliability of polling data during the 2016 presidential election could possibly suggest that scientific data concerning climate change could be wrong as well.

Even though Stephens claims not to be a climate change "denier," the NYT columnist's suggestion to have an open mind was enough to send liberals into attack mode, leading Stephens to tweet that the reaction from the "angry left" was worse than anything he experienced from Trump supporters.

"After 20 months of being harangued by bullying Trump supporters, I'm reminded that the nasty left is no different. Perhaps worse," tweeted Stephens.

Liberal writer has an epic meltdown

Many readers were so incensed that a NYT writer would actually question climate change that they vowed to cancel their subscriptions. Several others called the columnist "hateful" and "violent" for having the audacity to suggest that some of the science behind global warming could be flawed. However, the most vicious attacks came from other so-called journalists.

Libby Watson, a Gizmodo staff writer and former contributor for The Atlantic, demonstrated complete mastery of her craft by tweeting: "You're a s--thead.

a crybaby lil f---in weenie."

Hours after attacking Stephens, she was still throwing a temper tantrum because of the criticism she received for her vulgar tweet.

Author Monica Potts' criticism wasn't nearly as harsh as that of the foul-mouthed Gizmodo tech writer; Potts merely referred to Stephens as an idiot and stated that it was "irresponsible" for the New York Times to let an opinion columnist express an opinion.

Open season on climate change skeptics

Attacks against climate change skeptics are nothing new, but they have taken a frightening turn toward violent radical extremism since the recent March for Science demonstrations over the Earth Day weekend. On April 22, seven gunshots were fired into the offices of Dr. Roy Spencer and Dr.

John Cristy at the University of Alabama-Huntsville.

Both scientists are well-known climate change skeptics, while Dr. Christy recently appeared before Congress to question the validity of climate science. The shots were fired shortly after the city's March for Science passed by the university's National Space Science and Technology Center, where the scientist's offices are located.