There is a new theory about Madeleine McCann's disappearance. The little Girl may have been kidnapped and sold to a wealthy family. Investigators fear that after the disappearance during summer vacation with her family in Portugal, Maddie was smuggled to Morocco in a ship.

Maddie was seen on a famous smuggling route in Morocco

They point out that their fear is justified since gangs from Mauritania, which is not so far from Portugal, are known for selling small children to wealthy families from the Middle East who use them as slaves. Collin Sutton, a former British police investigator, thinks the theory should be taken into consideration.

Sutton gave the statement for Mirror, a magazine which recently reported that a girl similar to Maddie was seen on a famous smuggling route in Morocco.

The girl was seen three times after the disappearance. Mari Olli is a British woman who still has trauma because of that. She remembers seeing a small, blonde girl on a gas station with a man who did not look like her father. The two didn’t even seem to be that close because the girl was standing behind him and looked sad. At the moment, Mari didn’t know the story of Maddie, so she did not react even though things seemed strange.

Now, even though it has been ten years since the event, Mari cries every time she thinks that she could have changed everything.

The girl was spotted the same year at a gas station in Marrakesh by a Norwegian tourist. After that, a Spanish woman reported to a Portuguese police about a blond girl who looked sad and scared. The unnamed tourist saw her in Zaio in the north of Morocco with a woman wearing a traditional scarf on her head who dragged the girl down the street.

Everyone is holding their fingers crossed for the new theory

Madeline was taken back in 2007. She went missing from the apartment she stayed in with her parents in Portuguese resort Praia da Luz. The last time her parents saw her was when they left her sleeping in their apartment and went for a dinner in a restaurant.

After that, the girl disappeared without a trace, and even though new theories are constantly popping out, it seems that the Case which intrigued people from all around the world is nowhere near to be solved.

However, Maddie’s parents and all the people who’ve been involved in the story are still hoping she will be found. So, let’s hold our fingers crossed that this latest theory could be the one that will reunite the girl with her family.