Fox News reports that Natalie Diaz was due to give birth March 29, but started having contractions on March 31. What is a normal sequence of events in a pregnancy sped up somewhat with Diaz ending up Giving Birth in the hospital Parking Garage. NBCDFW interviewed the proud new Texas mom about the story.

Diaz started having contractions at about 10 a.m. Around 4 p.m. the contractions started coming a little harder, so Diaz called her midwife to ask what she should do. The midwife told her to take a warm bath. She said she really felt it was time to go to the hospital, but she first went to her mother’s house, located about 20 minutes from the hospital and by the time they left there, the contractions were about five minutes apart and were very strong.

As they pulled into the hospital parking lot, her fiancé asked her if they should pull into the emergency entrance or go into the parking garage. Diaz told Gomez they should go to the garage, saying she felt like a walk to the hospital.

Diaz and her fiancé park in the garage

As they parked in the garage, Diaz says she felt a strong pressure and could literally feel the top of her baby’s head. She pulled down her pants and said to herself she was really going to have the baby in the car. Her fiancé was yelling at her, saying she’s naked and asking her what’s going on. At that moment, Diaz looked down and the baby’s head slid right out. At that moment she knew it was time to push. As she pushed, the baby’s neck appeared and she knew it was time to pull the baby out.

Diaz picked him up and hit him on the back to ensure he had no fluid in his lungs. She said the whole thing happened in about five minutes and everything just came naturally to her.

Nature took its course and mom has her baby in her arms

She said she still couldn’t believe what happened, but that she is happy to have her little son in her arms.

In the meantime, Gomez ran into the hospital to get help and came back with a team of nurses. Both mother and baby are doing just fine. Paul Gomez Jr., or PJ for short, reportedly weighed in at 8 lbs 1 oz.