Egypt and the United States have had a love- hate relationship since the days of Hosni Mubarak. General Abdul Fattah al-Sisi who is the President of Egypt, will be visiting the United States at the invitation of Donald Trump. This visit is the first by the general after President Obama gave him the cold shoulder. The previous president did not favor the overthrow of President Morsi. He was of the view that Morsi was an elected president and should not have been disturbed.He was also against the ban on the Muslim Brotherhood.

Donald Trump has overturned the policy of the previous president and is seeking to find common ground with the Egyptian president.

The earlier tension between both the countries was ongoing after Sisi's crackdown on people who were opposed to him. Sisi is slated to meet Donald on 3 April. Al Jazeera TV news reports this news.

First state visit to the USA

This is the first state visit by the Egyptian President to America. It is worth remembering that President Obama never extended an invitation to General Sisi to visit the USA. The relationship was particularly restrained after Sisi's crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood. Sisi overview Morsi and then in a farcical election got himself elected as president of Egypt.He also ensured his continuity by sending Morsi to Jail. The visit to America of the general is in the background of extreme trouble in the Egyptian economy.

Imports are curtailed due to dollar shortage, and foreign investors have gone away. In addition, Egypt is facing a violent insurrection by Islamic militants in the Sinai Peninsula. In the ongoing battle, hundreds have been killed.

Sisi and Donald

Donald thinks that Sisi is a fantastic guy. Over the years the Egyptian leader has been meeting many delegations from America in an effort to bolster support for him.

This is his big chance now. The Egyptian president needs the help of Donald Trump. He plans to ask for more financial aid as well as new weaponry. He also wants conventional weapons for the Egyptian Army. The army has not been able to smash the Islamic militants in Sinai. With the Egyptian economy in Doldrums, the president has been looking for a visit to America for a long time to present his case to Donald Trump.

He had earlier met Trump on the sidelines on a visit to the UNO.

Last word

Trump who likes strong men has given this opportunity to Sisi. The Egyptian president will be meeting all the leaders who matter in Washington as well as the President.