Two female Students of Transylvania University in Lexington, Kentucky were attacked with a machete on campus by a former student of the same institution who asked them about their political affiliations, according to campus officials.

One of the victims who sustained serious injuries was rushed to the University of Kentucky Healthcare Hospital and is reported to be in a stable condition while the other who sustained minor injuries was treated and discharged at the scene of the incident.

The assailant was a dropout

The culprit is 19 year old Mitchell Adkins, a former student of the University.

He has been charged with first degree assault with three counts of first degree endangerment and a fourth degree assault, according Jervis Middleton, who is the Lexington Police Public Information Officer.

The police at Transylvania promptly responded and arrived early on the scene of the incident and were able to dislodge Adkins and took him into custody after struggling to get the machete from him. He was also rushed to the hospital due to self-inflicted injuries on his person.

Adkins who was a drop out from the institution in 2005, ran with speed to the coffee shop, carrying a bag that was filled with dangerous weapons, including knives and machetes. He ordered that students should respond to him about their political affiliation asking whether they are Republicans or Democrats.

Victims attacked based on political affiliations

According to Tristan who was an eyewitness, “Adkins came into the coffee with a hatchet and said, ‘the day of reckoning has come.’ He asked somebody what their political belief was, and they said Republican and he replied and said ‘you are free.’ And then I noticed what was happening and I began asking people to leave the shop.” People were running helter-skelter and scampering for safety as police officers entered the scene and prevented Adkins from escaping, he added.

The coffee shop is a public place in the college where students hangout.

Official's swift action

Public safety officers of Transylvania University responded swiftly to arrest the assailant while the institution’s management announced a lock-down of campus and prevented students from entering or going out of the university campus buildings for about two hours.

Classes were cancelled and counselors were drafted to calm the community.