The #North Koreans have a building stockpile of weapons and the world is worried about their nuclear range, in particular talk of the missiles being loaded into a long range carrier that then can reach #Seattle. Trump wants to act on this issue immediately.

Somebody needs to step in, says Trump

Unless somebody steps in North Korea's #nuclear arsenal could amount to 50 weapons by the time that President Trump's term ends, according to the New York Times on Tuesday. This is about half the amount of #Pakistan's overall arsenal but the fact that the North Koreans can shrink the nuclear part of the weapon to slide in the nose of a medium or short-range warhead is particularly a worry, since this places South Korea and Japan, and the many American soldiers working across these nations, within dangerous and close range.

This means people's lives are at risk and that the country has more of a bargain to wage.

Other estimates say that there are a #thousand Ballistic Missiles in around nearly ten different types in The North Korean load. It is the leader #Mr Kim Jong-un's dream to place a nuclear warhead atop a ballistic missile that can fire all the way across the Pacific to Los Angeles or even Seattle on the western coast of the United States, but this is a more complicated equation that won't necessarily be happening immediately.