mark cuban is similar to Donald Trump in many ways. Both are billionaires and have had controversies mar their public image. In a CNN interview, Cuban coined a new term defining Trump’s Presidency in the United States. He stated that Trump’s win to the White House had been a “Political chemotherapy.”

What is ‘political chemotherapy?’

Cuban on CNN’s “New Day” went on to explain the new term that he coined in the interview. He recollected an incident he faced with one of his friends, which helped him to come up with this new moniker. Cuban shared that one of his pals who he thinks is “very smart” told the billionaire that he had voted for politicians throughout his life.

He went on to add that repeating the same thing consistently and “over expecting the same results” is insanity. The owner of the Dallas Mavericks added that Trump might be seen as “poisonous, 10” but he was like chemotherapy for the country and people were optimistic that the political system would change because of him.

Does it make sense?

The interpretation, although may sound a bit bizarre, does make sense if one looks more closely at the exit poll statistics. Although Trump won the elections, voters had their apprehensions while voting for him. According to an exit poll, only 38 percent of the electorate (which is less than 4 for every ten voters) had a positive view of the President. Merely 33 percent of the voters concluded that he was “honest and trustworthy."

However, despite such little confidence in Trump, he won the Presidential election.

Per the exit poll results, 39 percent of voters in the country considered the most important characteristic trait of a presidential candidate is that he or she “can bring change.” President Trump won this category by 82 percent.

Thus, people in the United States were ready to vote for someone who they thought would be different than his predecessors, despite harboring reservations that he probably won’t be good at his job.

Thus Cuban’s moniker “political chemotherapy” in layman terms tries to say that the voters believed that the political scenarios had become so dirty, the only way to cleanse it was to kill it completely. In this situation, Trump was their best bet.

Cuban a Trump supporter?

Although his views on Trump seem to be supportive, Cuban has been an open supporter of Hillary Clinton from the outset.

He has on several occasions criticized Trump for his failure to push for a Republican healthcare plan, as well as for the lack of a proper tax return process. He has also slammed him on his struggles to develop positive working bonds with the Democrats to pass important legislation in the Congress.