It's no secret that Donald Trump and the mainstream media don't see eye to eye, and haven't since the start of his campaign. After almost three months in office, the president's feud with the press appears to be a touchy subject with some members of the administration.

Conway on Trump

When Donald Trump first announced his candidacy for president back in June 2015, he quickly received backlash from the press after referring to illegal immigrants from Mexico as "rapists" and "murderers." In the two years that have followed, the former host of "The Apprentice" has often clashed the media, referring to any reports he doesn't agree with as "fake news." It became part of his campaign trail talking points to blast the press, going as far as calling journalists "terrible" and some of the "worst people" he's ever met.

Since his upset election win over Hillary Clinton last November, the grudge with the media has only gotten worse, with Trump even banning several well-respected news outlets, including CNN, BBC, and the New York Times, from a press briefing at the White House earlier this year. Of all the news outlets that the president has opposed, his war of words with the New York Times has received the most attention, including with reporter Maggie Haberman. These issues were discussed during a heated exchange with Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway on April 12.

Appearing with Michael Isikoff of the Hollywood Reporter for a Newseum event on Wednesday was Kellyanne Conway. After Isikoff pressed the former campaign manager on Donald Trump's relationship with the New York Times and report Maggie Haberman, the conversation quickly became tense.

"I know the president's views of Maggie Haberman," Isikoff noted, before asking Conway "why does he speak to her?"

After Kellyanne Conway asked Michael Isikoff to clarify how he knew Donald Trump didn't like Maggie Haberman, he simply replied back, "Because he told me." "I just have to push back. That’s just not true," Conway claimed, while noting, "I think it is inappropriate to say who the president does or does not like." Conway then lashed out, accusing Isikoff of following a trend of alleged bias media against the billionaire real estate mogul.

"You just made my entire point," she said, noting, "he (Trump) is covered like he is a guy sitting next to you on the bus."

Next up

Despite Kellyanne Conway's denial, Donald Trump has made it clear on more than one occasion about his feelings towards the New York Times, and many other news outlets. Trump has repeatedly taken to his Twitter feed to label the paper "failing," while also accusing them of publishing "fake news" when he reads a story that reflects negatively on his administration.