Even though President Donald Trump has been office for almost three months, he's still not letting go of his grudge against Hillary Clinton. While discussing his feelings about FBI Director James Comey, the president lashed out over his handling of the former Secretary of State.

Trump on Clinton

During the 2016 presidential election, it was a common theme for a Republican candidate for president to target Hillary Clinton in their talking points, as she was the heavy favorite to become the Democratic nominee. Once Donald Trump locked up the GOP nomination last summer, he shifted all his energy onto the Clinton campaign, bashing the former First Lady on a daily basis during the campaign trail, in interviews, and on his controversial Twitter posts.

One of Trump's major go-to lines was to accuse Clinton of hiding classified information in her private email server, where she deleted messages that many in the right-wing media believe contained important data. After several investigations, including by the FBI, Clinton was cleared of any wrongdoing, prompting Republicans of accusing the organization of bias in favor of Democrats. Fast forward to present day and Trump isn't over Clinton being cleared, which was evident during an April 12 interview on the Fox Business Channel.

(Trump's comments on Comey/Clinton start at 1:25 in the above video.)

Joining Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo was Donald Trump, who went off on Hillary Clinton when asked about the status of James Comey as director of the FBI.

"I have so many people that want to come into this administration," Trump said, "bankers, law enforcement, everyone wants to come into this administration."

"When Jim Comey came out, he saved Hillary Clinton.

People don't realize that. He saved her life," Donald Trump said, before adding, "I call it Comey one. I joke about it a little bit." "When he was reading those charges, she was guilty of every charge, and then he said she was essentially OK," Trump continued. When asked why he wouldn't replace Comey, the commander in chief responded, "I want to give everybody a chance." "Director Comey was very good to Hillary Clinton," he said, while noting, "if he wasn't, right now she would be going to trial."

Moving forward

James Comey has been a polarizing figure over the last six months, causing both Democrats, Republicans, liberals, and conservatives to doubt him.

From clearing Hillary Clinton of any wrongdoing over her email server, to bringing up the email scandal just a month before the election, to publicly dismissing the Donald Trump's wiretapping conspiracy about Barack Obama, Comey has shown that neither side can count on him as an ally.