Democrats have decided to go at least PG-13 if not hard R against Republicans in their rhetoric. One of the first candidates to try that strategy is Rep. Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke, who is running to take the Senate seat of Ted Cruz. O’Rourke loosed many F-bombs, according to a piece in the International Journal Review, in his kickoff rally in Dallas. The crowd seemed to be duly enthusiastic.

Part of his speech consisted of boasting about how his home city of El Paso is considered safe despite the fact that it is on the border with Mexico and a good percentage of its inhabitants were born in that country.

He also attacked Cruz for the government shutdown that he was involved with in 2013 over an effort to repeal Obamacare. O’Rourke ended the speech by promising to take time away from his children to help the families of the people he wants to vote for him.

O’Rourke, who was part of a punk rock band in the 1990s called “Foss,” is either taking a gamble that course talk will make him seem more authentic or he naturally peppers his speech with obscene language. General George S. Patton once justified his use of colorful language because he spoke “loud and dirty” so that his soldiers would remember what he said. Perhaps O’Rourke is hoping for the same effect.

Cruz, for his part, has already raised an impressive war chest for the campaign to win a second term.

His opposition research is likely already examining O’Rourke and anyone else who might prove to be an impediment to that goal. One would not be surprised if Cruz, known to be a devout Christian and a father of two young daughters, makes an issue of O’Rourke’s use of colorful language.

Indeed, one can just imagine a debate between the two gentlemen.

Cruz could start things out, “I promise to keep the language G-rated, and I hope my opponents finds it within him to do likewise.” Cruz could also run ads of O’Rourke’s Dallas speech with the F-bombs bleeped out with a solemn mention that a United States senator needs to have more of a rein on what comes out of his mouth. The more Cruz’s opponent has to explain his colorful language to the media, the less time he will spend why he would make a better senator than the incumbent.

O’Rourke should finally hope that he didn’t do anything off-putting when he was a punk rocker. Ted Cruz’s opposition researcher people will find out if he did and will make full use thereof. The congressman has been warned.