Erik Prince has replaced Michael Flynn as a person of interest in the Trump-Russia matter. The Washington post reports. If Donald Trump, who has issued broad denials of any contact with Russia, is implicated, it may or may not be the biggest story yet in an unfolding drama which has had many twists and turns already. Time to unpack it.

Who is Erik Prince?

Erik Prince was born in 1969 on June 6. On his Facebook page, he says he was a co-founder of Blackwater. He lives in Middleburgh, VA and speaks several languages. He was twice married and twice divorced and has seven children.

His most recent profile picture bears some resemblance to Oliver North. He is the brother of Education Secretary Betsy De Vos. He has been described as a Christian extremist and Blackwater was banned from Iraq after a widely publicized killing,

How is Trump involved?

Prince is a big fan who gave $250,000 various efforts to elect Trump. He is said by the Washington Post to be close to Stephen K. Bannon, who is almost Trump's alter ego. The Post also says Prince was seen at the transition offices of the president in December. Trump says he and his circle had no contact with Russia during the campaign and that intelligence agencies are leaking information that is damaging to him.

What do we know now?

According to the Post and other news sources, the United Arab Emirates set up a meeting between Prince and a member of Putin's inner circle in January in the Seychelles islands which are located in the Indian Ocean. The purpose of the meeting was said to be to get Russia to back off from Iran and Syria in exchange for a reduction in US sanctions.

Was a crime committed?

It is difficult to say that it was criminal to have a meeting on this subject. It did not take place during the presidential campaign. Its purpose as described seems reasonable.

But this story is now the next big thing in the great binary conflict between Trump forces and their resolute enemies. So the initial premise of this article holds. This may or may not be the biggest story yet.