At least 80 people were killed this week in a horrific chemical weapons attack in Syria, which many have blamed on the government of Bashar al-Assad. After Donald Trump responded by putting partial blame on former President Barack Obama, one host on MSNBC decided to speak out.

MSNBC on Trump

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has been known as a killer by critics in the West, which appeared to be on display following the aforementioned chemical attack in the city. The BBC reported on Wednesday that the United Kingdom's foreign secretary, as well as a weapons expert and rebel commander have all presented evidence that points to the government of Syria being behind the attack where at least 20 of the causalities were children.

After the Russians appeared to downplay what took place, United States officials pushed back, but Donald Trump's official statement took the time to criticize Barack Obama for not enforcing his so-called "red line." As seen on the April 5 edition of "Morning Joe" on MSNBC, host Joe Scarborough was not pleased.

In the statement released by the White House on Tuesday, Donald Trump said "President Obama said in 2012 that he would establish a 'red line' against the use of chemical weapons and then did nothing." In response, "Morning Joe" co-host Joe Scarborough voiced his thoughts.

"His carping at the past president's failures is unbecoming," Scarborough said of Trump. "You're criticizing Barack Obama for what he did not do in 2012?" Scarborough noted, before rhetorically asking, "What are you doing to do five years later...Now you're the President of the United States?"

"He (Trump) can't criticize Barack Obama on one hand for turning a blind eye to Assad’s chemical weapons in 2012 and then allow it to happen in 2017 and do absolutely nothing while this holocaust unfurls before our eyes," Joe Scarborough continued, putting Donald Trump on the spot.

The former host of "The Apprentice" is now in a difficult position, as he is expected to come down hard on the Syrian government, however, due to Russia's support of Assad, it's unknown how Trump will play his hand.

Trump's dilemma

The ongoing scandal surrounding Russia and the Donald Trump administration will be put to the test depending on how the president handles the current situation in Syria.

By Trump not offering criticism of Russia's role in supporting the Syrian leader, many have said that his reaction only adds fuel to the fire of speculation in regards to the link between the White House and the Kremlin.