President Xi and Donald Trump are to meet on April 6-7 in Florida. Donald had already indicated that it would be a difficult meeting. He has a lot to discuss with Xi, including a massive trade deficit. He had also said that he would pressurize China to stop North Korea from conducting missile tests and further develop its nuclear program. The secretary of state, Tillerson has already stated that in case China does not help, then the US would go it alone and take action against North Korea.He also said that the military option was on the table. This is brave talk, but the North Korean's don't seem to be impressed.

The Korean leader authorized testing of a ballistic missile which was fired from the sea coast on Wednesday. This is just one day ahead of the meeting between President Xi and Donald Trump. Both the US and Chinese leaders are to discuss North Korea's nuclear program. Donald will also mention the problems in the South China Sea.

North Korean missile test

The Noth Korean missile traveled 60 kilometers from its launch site at Simco, a North Korean submarine base. The launch is a clear provocation and shows that President Kim has some secret backer behind him. The missile reached a height of 189 kilometers and is a clear violation of United Nations Security Council resolutions. The missile fell well short of Japanese territorial waters.

It was thousands of miles away from the American coast.

Danger of N Korea

The Japanese are worried, and the Cabinet Secretary called the test "extremely problematic." Tokyo also launched a strong protest. North Korea is developing long-range ICBM systems capable of re-entry into the atmosphere along with missile guidance systems.

The North claims that it is part of their space program. Donald would like China to exert pressure on North Korea. A fact, which cannot be denied is that the North is carrying out these actions with more than the tacit approval of the Chinese. It helps President Xi to show a facade of tolerance, while the North creates tension for the USA.

Next ? Military strike

Donald Trump is in a bind and wondering what to do. The military option may not have the desired effect. It could well provoke Kim to launch a nuclear strike on the South and Japan. Perhaps if Donald can turn on his charm and talk directly to the Korean leader, there is a better chance that he will be able to achieve more than with a military strike