During the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump made a lot of promises, but has since failed to follow through on many of them. After signing his executive order to "Buy American, Hire American," one host on Fox News decided to break from the network's typical pro-Trump coverage and hit back at what took place.

Fox News on Trump

One aspect of Donald Trump's presidential campaign was focused on the economy where he highlighted the fact that many jobs were being outsourced to other countries, or given to immigrants who accepted lower wages. These talking points helped Trump gain enough support in key swing states like Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin to pull off the upset win over Democratic nominee and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

After he was sworn into office, the former host of "The Apprentice" was overwhelmed with controversy, as the growing scandal involving Russia has took on a life of its own, while also dealing with in-fighting in his own administration, as well as issues with his previous executive orders. The latest twist in the White House comes over Trump's recent foreign policy decisions, including a strike on a Syrian airbase. In a possible attempt to deflect from the negative media coverage, Trump signed his latest executive order which he calls "Buy American, Hire American," with the goal of reviewing the current H-1B visa program that allows foreign workers the ability to work in the United States. While Trump championed the order in question, a Fox News host was quick to enlighten the president over the ramifications of his decision, as seen during a April 18 segment on the network.

Fox News host Shepard Smith has, unlike many other hosts on the network, been critical of Donald Trump at times. On the day the billionaire real estate mogul signed his order into law, Smith exposed why it might not be a good thing for the American economy after all. "Tech giants including Amazon, Apple, Google, and others all hire thousands and thousand of people using it,” Smith said, while also adding that Ford and General Motors use the program to help find qualified engineers.

Trump's busted plan

"Executives for those companies argue they can’t always find enough American workers with the skills needed for the specific jobs," Shepard Smith continues, which has been a popular line of defense used often by Democrats and those on the liberal political spectrum.

"President Trump himself has gone back and forth over this program," he continued, before exposing the fact that the president's own business have used the program in the past. "The president’s own products were made from workers from about a dozen other companies," Smith noted, while also warning that the price of goods at small and large businesses "goes way up for you" under Trump's order.