The #White House Correspondents’ Association dinner, the yearly shindig that sees the United States press dress up in nice dresses and shiny shoes took place on Saturday and the mood was a mixture of solemn and sincere.

The usually glamorous #Washington ritual became a little less so this year as as talk of the #freedom of the media took center stage and as the President himself missed the glam event for a rally in Philadelphia.

First amendment

During the evening, one of the journalists in attendance even recited the text of the first amendment from the podium, whilst a video made the effort to illustrate how it wasn't just Mr Trump who has had trouble with the media.

The news media needs to have an adversarial relationship with the White House for democracy to thrive, the video indicated.

On Saturday night when the event took place, President Donald Trump went to a Pennsylvania rally, to highlight the difference between fancy journalists in shiny shoes in Washington and everyday blue-collar attendees at his rally. No doubt this was a move dreamt up by trump's main aide Stephen Bannon, who although himself used to be an editor of the right-wing Breitbart magazine, seems to hate the press.