Former New England Patriots player Aaron Hernandez may have been buried on Monday following his suicide inside the Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center, but issues about his relationship with prisoner Kyle Kennedy continues to hound Hernandez. Now, there is a question if he really left a Note for his alleged prison lover.

On Wednesday, at a news conference in Worcester, Larry Army Jr., the lawyer of Kyle Kennedy, sought the release of the note intended for the 22-year-old inmate. Kennedy is sure Hernandez left him a note because he and the former NFL star were very close.

Family denial

However, Boston Globe reported that representatives of Aaron’s family denied there was such a letter. A judge ordered on Monday to bring to Aaron’s family the notes. The family may not have realized there was such a letter because it was likely written in prison language and possibly did not write the alleged gay lover’s name on it but instead used his prison alias “Pure.” Jose Baez, the lawyer of Aaron, also insisted that rumors of a letter to a gay lover are not true.

The reason Kyle believes there is such a letter is that two weeks before Aaron hanged himself using a bed sheet, he joked to Kyle that he was going to commit suicide, New York Post reported, Army said. Because of speculations that Aaron and Kyle were gay lovers, the lawyer said the inmate would one day personally discuss their relationship.

Army said that a letter written by the former athlete to Kyle’s father said they were brothers.

Very close relationship

For now, Army said the two were close friends who shared a very close relationship. In September, Aaron asked prison officials that he and Kyle be allowed to share the same cell. The request was approved, but it was recalled because of the physical size difference between the two men.

Aaron was muscular, while Kyle, who was convicted of armed robbery, is small.

Army explained that prison authorities wanted the appearance of physical equity in case of an altercation between Kyle and Aaron. The cell could accommodate two persons. Besides requesting for the note, Kyle also wanted to be taken off suicide watch and to be given the $50,000 watch that Aaron verbally promised to give him.

The lawyers of Aaron also filed a motion on Tuesday to dismiss the first-degree murder conviction of the former NFL player for the death of teammate Odin Lloyd after Aaron’s suicide. Kyle, in a statement, said he misses Aaron and sent his condolences to Aaron’s fiancée, mother, and daughter.