A few days ago, North Korea arrested a US citizen Tony Kim, known as Kim Sang-duk, making him the third American citizen detained in a country governed by Kim Jong.

After they were arrested, they all met heavy conditions, miniature cells, little water and food, and even less light, the New York Times writes. Subsequently, the forcible acknowledgment of the "crime" they have been charged with, (theft of posters) followed mounted trial and conviction for many years of slavery, with no chances of a pardon.

Three detained Americans are currently Otto F.

Warmbier, Kim Dong-Chul and earlier mentioned, Tony Kim. The conditions in which they are located are known from the story of US citizens who have experienced this agony in North Korea and were released sooner or later after the intervention of highly-positioned US politicians.

"I was held in a cell that was 1.5 × 1.5 meters. There were no lattices, and when they would close the small opening at the door, it was a complete darkness. There was no way to communicate with the outside world" said Laura King, an American journalist detained in 2009.

US missionary Kenneth Bae after being released, published memoirs "Unforgettable" where he wrote that he was questioned for 15 hours a day, from 8 am to 11 pm, every day for four weeks in a row.

The New York Times briefly described the cases of currently detained Americans in North Korea.

Tony Kim

Mr. Kim has been teaching at the University of Science And Technology in Pyongyang for a month and was trying to embark on an aircraft to leave the country just before he was arrested on Saturday, said a staff member at Chan-Mo Park University.

"The reason for his arrest is unknown, but I learned later at the university that allegedly it has nothing to do with his work with at the university. He has done some other activities outside the university, such as h the helping at orphanage " Reuters Park said. Mr. Kim, a man in the mid-50's, has previously taught at Yanbian University of Science and Technology in China, near the border with North Korea.

In Pyongyang, he traveled with his wife, who is considered to still being in the state, but it is not known whether she was arrested. According to his Facebook page, Kim graduated accounting in the United States and has been an accountant for over 10 years.

Otto F. Warmbier

Otto F. Warmbier is a 21-year-old student from Virginia University who traveled to North Korea on a group trip and was also arrested on a home flight in January 2016. A month after that, he was sentenced "because he tried to steal a propaganda poster". At a press conference held last year, obviously frightened Otto admitted the poster theft and said he did that because a fellow student "promised him a $ 10,000 used car if he did." "I've made the worst mistake in life," Warmbier said in a confession, but it was not clear whether he was honest or forced to say so.

Kim Dong-Chul

Kim Dong-Chul is an American entrepreneur who was sentenced to 10 years in April last year for "spying and other offenses". A month before the trial, Mr. Dong-Chul also appeared at a press conference in Pyongyang organized by the North Korean government and apologized for attempted theft of military secrets in co-operation with South Koreans. The South Korean intelligence agencies have resolutely denied it. His fate was not known until January 2016 when the authorities in Pyongyang allowed CNN to interview him. Dong-Chul was then presented as a 62-year-old naturalized US citizen from Fairfax, Virginia, and said he had previously run a trade and tourism company in the special economic zone of Rason in North Korea, close to the Chinese and Russian borders. He said he was arrested in October 2015 when he was meeting a former soldier of the North Korean Army to exchange certain classified information.