Ohio's law enforcement reported this week that they arrested a man who reportedly captured his neighbor and concealed her in a pit underneath the shed in his backyard. Police in the city of Blanchester said that Dennis Dunn, 45, supposedly kidnapped the woman at some point on Wednesday before 1:30 a.m.

According to Yahoo, woman's mother reportedly called law enforcement stating that she disappeared from their home. Local investigators found the female several hours after the mother told police she heard someone calling out for help from a shed next door.

The unnamed woman was confined in a pit on the floor of the shed.

They noted that the woman was released from the scene and sent to a local hospital for treatment. She demonstrated no signs of physical injury.

Incident escalated from previous events

Local authorities say that Dunn's arrest comes after he engaged in a series of violent interactions over the past few months with the woman he held captive.

In October, the woman filed a report with the police department claiming Dunn harassed her verbally over the phone and in text messages. She later declined to take an interest in any indictment.

Dunn also contacted law enforcement several times earlier this month. He stated to police that he heard voices and felt as if someone was trying to force themselves into his home.

Authorities found no one proceeding to intrude on his residence.

Healthcare professionals quickly admitted Dunn to a nearby clinic for a psychiatric assessment after the incident at his house. Neighbors contacted the police after they noticed him pacing around his yard with a shotgun in his hand. Police reported that they disarmed him without incident or injury and just simply took him to the hospital.

The medical facility discharged Dunn 24 hours later.

Ohio police chief speaks out

Blanchester’s chief of police blames Dunn’s arrest on Ohio, stating it failed him with its mental health system. Chief Scott Reinbolt stated in a press release that he believes the suspect needed some mental help.

He mentioned that the state of Ohio shut down most of the inpatient psychiatric facilities over the years, leaving few people inaccessible to mental health treatments during times when they require them.

After his department had taken Dunn into custody on Wednesday, Reinbolt commented during a news conference that grief struck him when the suspect’s father appeared at the scene apologizing to him for his child’s behavior. He noted that the Ohio-state government disturbs him because they intentionally put dangerous people with severe mental issues into their communities with no way for them to seek any treatment.

Alluding to the female whom Dunn kidnapped, Reinbolt said he was astounded at the risks this circumstance brought to other individuals like her in their neighborhoods and all around the globe.

Public records indicate police took the man to a regional correctional facility while he waits to will show up in court without precedent Thursday morning. There is no information reported on whether Dunn utilized his right to an attorney.