The perpetrator, who filmed himself shooting and killing a 74-year old man in Cleveland over the weekend, is still at large. A warrant of arrest for Aggravated Murder has already been issued, but police are still trying to pinpoint the shooter's whereabouts as of this writing.

A senseless act of violence

The shooter, who has been identified as Steve Stephens, filmed himself with his smartphone as he approached a random elderly man and shot him dead. The 37-year old mentor for foster kids at Beech Brook mental health center then uploaded the video on Facebook with the title, "Easter day slaughter," using his account named "Stevie Steve."

The incident took place in the Glenville neighborhood in Cleveland at around 2 p.m., Sunday.

The victim has been identified as one Robert Godwin.

Inflicting his pain on others

Subsequent videos that were uploaded on Stephen's Facebook account reveals that his alleged killing spree would be his act of revenge directed at his girlfriend, Joy Lane. The reason behind their fight or why he wanted to seek revenge is still unknown.

Stephens even declared this to be so in the Facebook murder video itself. The shooter approached Godwin and told him to say the name, "Joy Lane." When Godwin replied with the name, Stephens then told the old man that she was the reason that he was going to kill him.

Ongoing manhunt

Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams recently appeared at a news conference and described the incident as "senseless." Williams then warned citizens that Stephens is to be considered armed and dangerous and that he was last sighted in northeast Cleveland near the Lake Erie shore.

Authorities are still unsure if he is still in the area, but they are getting the help of the FBI and the Ohio State Highway Patrol to apprehend him.

Threat of more murders

In his various videos uploaded to Facebook, which have already been taken down, Stephens had claimed that he had already killed as many as 15 other people.

However, authorities don't believe this to be the case as there have been no other victims that have been reported.

Despite this, citizens were warned to stay away from the perpetrator if they spot him. Stephens is described to be a tall African-American male around 6 foot tall, bald and with a full beard. The shooter was also last seen driving away in a white Ford Fusion with temporary tags. Students at the Cleveland State University were also told to stay away from the campus until the perpetrator was apprehended.