In a video uploaded to Facebook, Steve Stephens, 37, climbs out of his vehicle in the Glenville neighborhood after saying he had found someone he was going to kill. He then approaches an elderly Cleveland man. He asks 74-year-old Robert Godwin, “Can you say ‘Joy Lane?’” and as Godwin repeats the name, Stephens tells him that she is the reason why this is about to happen to him. As Godwin holds up a white shopping bag in an attempt to protect himself, Stephens asks his age and then shoots him dead.

‘Easter day slaughter’ posted to Facebook

Stephens posted the video on his “Stevie Steve” Facebook page with the title “Easter day slaughter.” The initial video was removed from the social media platform after around three hours and his Facebook page was deactivated.

However, this was after Stephens had uploaded several other videos where he said the killing was in revenge at his girlfriend, Joy Lane. According to a report in the New York Daily News, Stephens said in other videos that he “shamed himself” and that he “just snapped,” adding that he killed 13 other people and was going to keep on killing until he is caught. In the videos he says that he and Lane have been together for three years and that they were supposed to be married. Stephens mentioned on one video that he had a gambling problem during their relationship and had lost everything.

Manhunt launched for Cleveland shooter reports that police launched an urgent manhunt for Stephens and searched vacant homes in the Glenville neighborhood in Cleveland, but have so far found no other victims.

Police Chief Calvin Williams cautioned the public that Stephens was armed and dangerous.

Lane has reportedly been taken into protective custody and is cooperating with the police.

She reportedly sent a text to CBS News where she said she was praying for the victim in the shooting. She added that Stephens was a nice guy and that he had been kind and loving to her and her children. Stephens’ mother, Maggie Green, reportedly spoke to CNN and said her son had told her he was shooting people. He told her he was “mad with his girlfriend.” She reportedly urged him to stop killing people.

Facebook reportedly faced criticism for not removing the video of the shooting fast enough. A spokesman for the social media platform condemned the shooting, saying it is a “horrific crime” and that the company does not allow that kind of content. The spokesman continued by saying that Facebook works hard to keep a safe environment for their users and that they contact law enforcement whenever there are direct threats to physical safety.

The video below, uploaded by, has been edited to remove graphic content but does contain strong language.