The FB live killer Steve Stephens committed suicide after local authorities tracked his car to a McDonald's restaurant in Erie, Pennsylvania. According to the police, they tried to arrest Stephens as soon as they got a hold of his location but the suspect took his own life by shooting himself.

The search for Steve Stephens has finally ended

After fatally shooting Robert Godwin Sr., a 74 year-old man in Cleveland, Steve Stephens immediately took flight and tried to escape. Cleveland police have alerted nearby states for possible escape routes of the fleeing suspect.

The manhunt quickly escalated to a nationwide search, and even a $50,000 reward was placed for anyone able to provide information that will lead to his capture.

Yesterday, Stephens' phone signal was tracked to Erie, Pennsylvania. This alerted the police, who finally tracked him to his car, as it was parked in front of a McDonald's restaurant. According to Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams and Pennsylvania police spokesman, Ryan Tarkowski, Stephens quickly fled the scene after police tried to arrest him, but he quickly shot himself.

Families are notified and justice was served

There is no consolation possible to appease the grief experienced by Robert Godwin's family.

Viewed as a good person by many in his community, the elder man was a huge loss for everyone of his acquaintance. The news of the murderer's death and how he killed himself, didn't made the family happy, but they told reporters that they have forgiven the killer.

Godwin's family told reporters that Robert Godwin was a good man, taught them about God, and was always there for them.

Now, he was brutally taken away from them and they are now trying their best to cope with the loss and to live life without their beloved father.

Local authorities were glad and relieved that the ordeal was over, though they preferred that the end was different. The reasons for Stephens sudden killing is still a mystery, though the police chief didn't placed the blame squarely on an individual.

Even Stephens' ex-lover, Joy Lane, is not being blamed for the suspect's murdering attitude.

Facebook have condemned the killings

Facebook have openly condemned Stephens murder and have quickly taken down his page. The social media website have said that the killing was horrific and they are doing all they can to prevent the misuse of their services for such an heinous act.