The President of the United States orchestrated an exclusive meeting with two of Colombia’s former leaders. The conference occurred a week ago at Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago estate. He seemed to infuse himself into the South American country’s never-ending political fight over their peace treaty. The White House affirmed this encounter today in a press conference in Washington, D.C. Deputy Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, stated that former Presidents Andrés Pastrana and Álvaro Uribe were there with a representative from the resort and quickly made proper acquaintance when the president strolled in their direction.

She commented during the media briefing, "There was nothing past a swift ‘hi’ greeting."

No one knows any details

Sanders refused to respond to question on why no one openly covered the meeting between the three political leaders since it is very hazy as to when the actual conference happened. Press Secretary Sean Spicer responded to media interrogations surrounding the briefing between America and Columbia, stating, “I am unable to provide any information right now.”

No one even knew of the meeting until President Pastrana took to Twitter to say thanks to Donald Trump for the thoughtful and exceptionally straightforward discussion about the issues and points of view of Colombia and its surrounding areas.

Trump, Pastrana, Uribe and Santos

Both Pastrana and Uribe are reliable pundits of a notable peace treaty that recently formed between the rebellion leaders of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and the Colombian government. Their government is a stable South American ally to the United States.

The two politicians are likewise unforgiving examiners of Columbia’s current President, Mr.

Juan Manuel Santos. The political leader is one of the original creators of the peace treaty and highly anticipated to attend a meeting of his own with President Trump within the next few weeks.

A representative for Santos chose not to remark on Trump’s experience with Uribe and Pastrana when requested by a reporter from ABC News.

Donald recently spoke to Santos in February during a telephone conference between the two Commanders-in-Chief. They talked about the U.S. assisting Colombia in creating peace within the South American nation, after 52 years of constant conflict between them and FARC.

As indicated in an article from VOA News, government officials claim Santos approached President Trump to call on him for support. He needs the U.S. President to convince Congress to finance efforts that would help encourage the process of implementing the peace treaty.

Former President Barack Obama firmly contributed his support in Colombia’s endeavors during negotiations that surrounded the treaty.

Last year, the Swedish industrialist awarded Santos with a Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts in the peace agreement.

The Marxist FARC have been in a never-ending battle with Colombia’s government for over five decades. There have been over 220,000 individuals killed since the violent war initially began.