Donald Trump said that the chemical attack in Idlib is an insult to humanity, but we don’t see him doing a thing to end violence in Syria. Trump stated that the attack included women, children, and babies which deeply affected his opinion about Bashar al-Assad and changed it for good.

Trump also stated that what happened to children yesterday is a game changer. He added that his attitude toward Syrian president has changed. The negotiations are now on a whole new level.

Assad crossed a red line for Trump

During a joint press conference with King of Jordan Trump criticized Barack Obama’s administration because they didn’t make a distinctive move against Assad’s usage of chemical weapons.

Obama’s officials refuted by stating that they made a deal with Russia to take away Syria’s weapon of mass destruction, but without military intervention.

Trump said that this attack crossed a red line because the gas they used is so lethal and killed many innocent babies and children. Nevertheless, when asked if he is going to intervene and remove Assad militarily, he didn’t want to give any distinctive answer.

Suffering of Syrian people must end

The British prime minister, Theresa May, said that Assad cannot be part of future stable Syria and she pleaded for third parties to intervene. She was appalled by the suffering of Syrian people. She added that it was high time the suffering ended.

Earlier, Nikki Haley, Trump’s ambassador issued a warning for Russia stating that they “cannot escape responsibility” for the attack.

Hayley added that it was obvious that Assad, Russia, and Iran have “no interest in peace”. In addition to emotional speech, Haley showed disturbing images of Syrian children.

The next move is not yet determined

On the other hand, the US secretary was mainly silent about the attack. They delivered statement which criticized Assad and Russia, but they didn’t want to address the issue in front of the cameras.

Last week, Haley stated that taking down Assad is no longer a US priority. But on Wednesday, Haley stated that UN Security Council is not making any moves on war crimes and that the US will try to stop the attacks in any way they can.

Haley and Trump didn’t offer any concise answer to what the US and its allies could and will do.

Haley dismissed Russian statement that the opposition had hit the rebel chemical weapons facility. She ascertained that the security council has evidence that the regime is responsible for the attack. Her last statement was a strong one: “There is an obvious truth here that must be spoken. The truth is that Assad, Russia, and Iran have no interest in peace.” It seems like people will keep dying in Syria.