Peter Kema, Sr. pleaded guilty to manslaughter on Wednesday in a Hawaii court, 20 years after his son, known as “Peter Boy” went missing at six years of age. All that remains is for Kema to show the prosecution the location of his son’s remains. Alternatively he must pass a polygraph test to show he is telling the truth. It turns out the young boy died due to child abuse and lack of medical care. According to a report by Hawaii News Now, Kema also admitted to hindering the prosecution and has agreed to a prison sentence of 20 years, of which he will probably face a mandatory minimum behind bars of six years and eight months.

‘Peter Boy’ was the face for missing and abused children in Hawaii

20 years ago, “Peter Boy” was the face in a campaign for abused and missing children in Hawaii, with bumper stickers and posters printed with the words, “So where’s Peter?” There was no closure for the family and twenty years went by. Kema had told authorities that he had taken “Peter Boy” to Oahu where he gave the child to “Aunty Rose Makuakane” as part of an informal adoption. However police could not track down the woman and there were no airline records to show that Kema had flown from the Big Island to Oahu.

According to prosecutors they had long suspected that Kema and his wife Jaylin were involved in the child’s disappearance, but they had insufficient evidence against the couple until last year.

At that stage a grand jury indicted Kema and his wife on murder charges.

The New York Daily News notes that last year the boy’s mother pleaded guilty to manslaughter. At that time Jaylin agreed to waive marital privilege and accepted in return a one-year prison sentence with credit for time served, meaning she could testify against Kema if he went on trial.

‘Peter Boy’ was suffering abuse from his father

According to Ricky Damerville, the Hawaii County Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, back around 1996 and 1997, some family members had been concerned that Kema was abusing his son.

One injury in particular was mentioned, where his arm had a pus-filled wound that was untreated and festering. Damerville added that despite the fact the family had health insurance the mother didn’t report the abuse or get medical treatment for her son as she was in fear of her husband.

The prosecutor mentioned further that during 1997 the Kemas’ daughter heard her mother calling for the father and saw Jayline attempting to resuscitate “Peter Boy.” The then 4-year-old girl then said she saw "Peter Boy" lying in a box. It is believed the cause of the boy's death was septic shock.

When the prosecutor produced facts about abuse suffered by “Peter Boy” in court, along with her failing to get the child medical treatment and his resulting death, Jaylin agreed to those facts.

Once Kema has shown the prosecution where he left his son’s remains, the family can finally experience some closure.