In these days of hustle, bustle and busy lives, people often opt for fast food on the run to get nourishment. Food trucks are also available at job sites to meet the needs of the working person conveniently at their workplace. Additionally, we have all enjoyed the occasional hot dog wagon, ice cream truck, and other food vans frequently on busy corners or traveling roads with crowds of people including families to encourage a quick snack for the taste palate. A service not familiar to all is the food truck for Dogs that caters to the palate of man’s best friend.

These trucks travel across the country, now making its way through California.

History of the Good Stuff Pet Truck

The Good Stuff Pet Truck all began with one custom-designed vehicle decked out specifically for the canines. The new dog truck concept started last year and had met with great success, traveling from New York to California. On the road, the Good Stuff Pet Truck connected with numerous pet parents nationwide. Because of its great success, two new dog trucks have been added to the Good Stuff Family with the efforts to spread good and healthy pet news far and wide. Currently, the dog truck is now traveling throughout California, and their exact locations can be viewed on their web page.

The services of the Good Stuff Pet Truck

Where else can dogs gather and hang out in a doggy lounge for training and treats? The Good Stuff Pet Truck is traveling throughout most of California to offer pets healthy street food for dogs. Animal behavior consultant Steve Dale, who works with the food truck for dogs organization believes that dogs are much happier when healthy, fit and trained by a professional through positive reinforcement.

He told the Sacramento Bee that “If they’re overweight, and it is a fact that more than half of dogs in the United States are carrying extra pounds, they’re more likely to develop health issues like Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer and other possible health conditions.”

The concept of these new trucks that cater to the needs of dogs was sponsored by the Supreme Source pet food, Vita Bone, and American Pet Nutrition.

If you live anywhere throughout California, be on the lookout for the truck that caters to dogs to provide your pet with gourmet dog food, healthy treats and free dog training with a professional canine trainer. Why not spoil your dog with this unique service and ensure a happy, healthy companion.