Adam Kahn is a Twitter personage who is probably doing more than anyone on that social site to track trump's Russia doings. The tweet below will take you to one of the most serial tweets around. It exceeds any of Trump's in length. If you Google Adam Kahn (the Twitter person, not the race car driver), you will find copies of three of the tweets in the series. They need to be laid out to get an alternative theory of the Syria matter. Whether it is plausible is anyone's guess but it is of more interest than incessant efforts to read the leaves regarding quarrels in the West Wing.

Chemical attack

The essence of Kahn's charge is that Russia was behind the chemical attack that resulted in Trump's response last week. Beyond that it gets complicated. That is why the body of Kahn's theory requires nine tweets. The first of these tweets below says the attack was intended to quell the widespread sense that there was direct collusion involving Trump and Putin.

Tweet two

In the second tweet, Kahn contends, "As I've noted, concept of regime change in Syria dates back to a 2001 Pentagon plan–Bush was arming opposition" There is no punctuation at the close of the tweet and it is not continued in the next one. So it may be taken to mean President Bush was arming opposition to Assad.

Randa Kassis

In the next Tweet, Kahn states, "Trump Jr flew to Paris one month before election to discuss replacing Assad with another Putin pawn–Randa Kassis" The tweet includes photos, including one showing Donald Trump Jr. and Kassis. Tweet 4 shows Kassis warmly greeting Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and notes that Tillerson will be meeting with Lavrov.

He is on his way there tomorrow.

The heiress apparent

Tweet 5 reads, " Trump's son was brought in to meet Kassis for a reason: She is pro-Assad and is being actively groomed by Russia as Assad's replacement" Six reads: "So the big question: Did Russians stage Idlib chemical attack to (a) Boost Trump (b) Trigger Assad's transition"


Kahn asks if the Russians were complicit.

To which the answer is clearly yes if they launched the attack. Finally, the investigator who appears to be crowd-funded, asks if the attack was meant to boost Trump and aid in a transition in which Kassis would emerge as Syria's head. Do Mr. Kahn's conjectures hold water? They will please those who still look for Trump-Russia foul play. They will strengthen spreading allegations about Russian knowledge and/or participation.

Do they show the power of social media? Absolutely.