After the installation of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD), a US missile defense system in Seoul, China finally wants the US to end its military drills with South Korea. This has aggravated more after the US test launch of its ICBM, the Minuteman III, which may send a different signal to Pyongyang interpreting it as an insult to their failed missile tests, Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi said to reporters.

Beijing urges the US to refrain from doing actions that might trigger war

Wang reiterated that Beijing views North Korea's nuclear ambition as unacceptable, but also told reporters that the US build-up in the Korean peninsula would not help diffuse the situation.

He said that the security and stability in Korea is very fragile at the moment and war can erupt at any time.

China is not in favor of the United States invading North Korea even if the pretexts are valid. This is because losing North Korea will directly expose china to US influence as the hermit state is China's only regional ally in the area.

China resumed flights to Pyongyang after three-week suspension

After a three-week suspension of Chinese flights to Pyongyang, the air lanes are once again opened to the hermit state. Trump repeatedly urged China to take necessary steps to force North Korea to the diplomacy table, but China has other agendas to prioritize. The US president also tweeted that China has the responsibility of halting North Korea's nuclear ambition.

However, China is still continuing its strained relationship with North Korea, as it tries to convince Pyongyang to open diplomatic talks once more.

The US continues its maneuvers and deployments in the Korean peninsula

Despite all of this, the US military continues its scheduled deployments in the Korean peninsula. Seoul and Tokyo are willing and cooperative with Washington's opposing stance against North Korea and ramps up its defenses in the area.

After the installation of THAAD in Seoul, the US military has successfully test launched its ICBM from California and hitting its target 4,200 kilometers away, near the Kwajalein Atoll.

Reports also reveal that the Pentagon may send two more carrier groups into the area near the Korean peninsula to bolster its defenses against the threatened preemptive strikes of North Korea.

Kim Jong-Un displayed to the whole world his intentions against the United States by showing a chilling video of the United States being bombed by a nuclear device.

At this moment, the United States is scheduled to continue its drills with South Korea and Japan, despite pleas from China to halt its operations in the area.