Federal Judge William H. Orrick, from the District Court for the Northern District of California, blocked nationwide this Tuesday the efforts of the Trump administration to fight Illegal Immigration.

At least temporarily, the Federal Government will not be able to put in practice the executive order that threatened to withhold funds from the so called ‘sanctuary cities’, for not cooperating with the tightening on the immigration policy promoted by Trump’s administration.

Although the decision was a relief for regional administrations, especially where there is a high concentration of immigrants, as in the states of California, New York and Florida, the decision can be appealed.


The injunction was requested by San Francisco and Santa Clara County, which considered the threat of the possible budgetary restriction unconstitutional.

Even though Judge Orrick didn’t regard the enforcement on the immigration policy, granted by a Trump’s executive order, as unconstitutional, he agreed with the claim of the county that the budgetary uncertainty it creates may be against the law.

White House Chief of Staff claimed for prompt “action”

The reaction of the White House to the decision came fast and tough. Chief of Staff Reince Priebus said the government will “take action” to appeal the ruling.

The appellate court that will hear the appeal had already clashed with the administration, suspending the executive order that banned travelers from Muslim majority countries to enter the United States.

The Justice Department, whose boss Attonerney General Jeff Sessions recently affirmed it will promote a mass deporation, declared in a statement it will not halt the enforcement of the law. "Further, the order does not purport to enjoin the department's independent legal authority to enforce the requirements of federal law applicable to communities that violate federal immigration law or federal grant conditions," spokesman Ian Prior said.

Administration of setbacks

That is not the first time Federal Government is faced with resistance by the justice. In February, an executive order banning travelers from Muslim majority countries for 90 days was overthrown by Federal Judge James Robart, from Washington State.

A few days later, a panel of three judges of the appellate court upheld the executive order for good. They considered the ban was not necessary, while it had potential to cause irreparable damages to those trying to travel to the United States with a valid visa.