Benny Hinn, whose real name is Toufik Benedictus Hinn, is a well-known televangelist. He and his ministry first became popular in Central Florida in the 1990s. At the time, he was the pastor of the World Outreach Center. He has been seen on television throughout the years laying hands on people and speaking healing over them. His televised “This Is Your Day,” is among the most-watched Christian programs in the world.

On Wednesday, April 26, 2017, Hinn made headlines for something other than his healing ministry. The 64-year-old preacher's offices near Dallas, Texas were raided by federal agents.

Internal Revenue Service agents and United States Postal Inspectors were seen coming and going in and out of his headquarters. They were seen taking dozens of boxes and other items out of the building and putting them in trucks. Hinn was reportedly being investigated for financial crimes against the government, including tax evasion. The pastor was not present at the time. According to his calendar on his website and on his social media accounts, he was in France.

Fraud against government

The IRS had a search warrant to go through things on the property to find documents pertaining to their case against the ministry. Several officials participated in the search including Special Agent Michael Moseley with IRS Criminal Investigations.

The only thing Moseley could tell onlookers was that his agency was conducting official business in reference to Title 26. Most people know that Title 26 has to do with general fraud against the government, including tax evasion.

It was reported in the news that it was a "raid." That means no one affiliated with the ministry knew the government officials were coming with a search warrant to secure boxes of documents.

Not the first time

The raid on Wednesday was not the first time the IRS has investigated the global pastor. An investigation was conducted for the same reasons in 2005. At that time and since then, Hinn has repeatedly denied fraud and tax evasion. The Senate Finance Committee investigated again and cleared the televangelist along with half a dozen other pastors in 2007 who had been suspected of government fraud.

The investigation for this current case is ongoing. More details about the recent raid certainly will be in the news since Benny Hinn is known by millions all over the world. In the meantime, the popular televangelist is keeping his usual schedule.