Despite currently dealing with a PR nightmare involving a doctor being forcibly dragged out of one of its flights, united airlines is now once again in the middle of a new issue concerning an engaged couple. The couple, who were on their way to get married, were reportedly escorted by a Federal Marshal off a flight from Houston, Texas.

Conflicting stories

The couple, identified to be one Michael Hohl and his fiancée, Amber Maxwell, claimed in their statements that they were escorted by a federal marshal off the flight. However, United Airlines outright denied these claims on their own statement explaining that neither a marshal nor any other security personnel was involved in the incident.

No upgrades allowed

According to United's statement, the couple apparently tried to upgrade their seating and would not comply with the flight crew's instructions. Despite being denied their request to pay an additional amount for upgraded seats, which United calls "economy plus," the couple apparently insisted several times. The crew then asked the couple to return to their original seats, but the couple refused.

The other side of the story

In an interview with KHOU, the couple explained that they only wanted to upgrade because they found another passenger sleeping across their seats when they arrived on the plane. The couple then moved up a few rows over to empty seats but were asked by the flight's crew to return to their assigned seats.

"We thought not a big deal, it's not like we are trying to jump up into a first-class seat. We were simply in an economy row a few rows above our economy seat." Hohl had explained during the interview.

Fourth incident in a row

United has recently been the topic of a big controversy involving a viral video of a bloodied man dragged off of a flight.

The company is also likely to face a lawsuit from the victim and it is also currently dealing with some financial repercussions from the public outcry. The video, which has since become viral, has incited some passengers to boycott the airline entirely, while others have expressed their outrage over the incident on social media.

Prior to the incident, United was also involved in an incident involving its denial of passengers who were wearing yoga pants and another incident involving scorpions found inside the plane. The airline's stocks suffered from the various public relations disasters resulting in a net loss to the company's market cap by $770 million. United Continental Holdings Inc (UAL.N) dropped by 4 percent last week and closed at $69.