A California pastor was stabbed in the neck on Tuesday night by one of his parishioners outside the pastor's house. Before dying, the 68-year-old pastor was able to identify his killer. Pastor Herbert Valero met 37-year-old Servando Ayala Silva to pray with him. According to "The Mercury News," the pastor of the Victory Outreach Church in Salinas received medical attention, but he died at the scene.

No motive revealed

While the killer was identified, no motive for the terrible act has been revealed. As of now, no one knows why Silva stabbed his pastor in the neck.

Salina police Commander Stanley Cooper stated that at the time of the Stabbing no one else was present except the two men. Police said they might never find out why Silva stabbed his pastor, but they don't think it was gang related.

Even though Silva left the scene, officers tracked him down and arrested him at a family member's house. The man was booked on suspicion of homicide into the Monterey County Jail. He is being held in lieu of $1 million bail for the 10th murder in the area this year.

About the slain pastor

The slain pastor was the father of six. He was affectionately known as “Pastor Herb” who founded the Victory Outreach Church in Salinas 27 years ago. The man of God oversaw multiple churches around Monterey County as he helped those suffering with drug addiction and gang violence.

The church's website summed up Valero's mission. He had written that God sent him to establish Victory Outreach Salinas Church as a place where outcast and marginalized people could feel welcome. For almost three decades, the leader had helped hundreds of people who trusted him. Up until the stabbing that caused the pastor's death, there had been no other incident like this tragedy.

Church members were very emotional as they attended a vigil on Wednesday just one day after their leader's death. The event was held at the church where Valero had made a great impact by preaching, teaching and helping people for the last 27 years.