Frances Habeck got into trouble with her principal while selling Water Snake Wigglies at the school to aid a fundraiser at the local Trinity Lutheran Church in January. She had reportedly got her teacher’s permission before beginning the sale. However, according to the principal, the girl was selling sex toys. Francis was suspended for three days and reportedly shamed in front of her parents, classmates, and teammates last month after attempting to sell the toys. Now her father, Milt Habeck has decided to take a stand against the Racine, Wisconsin school in the matter.

Incident is affecting the Wisconsin student’s work at school

ABC News reported that, according to Frances, her principal told her the name of a sex toy and she said when she found it what it was, she realized she should never have learned this. The girl was shocked that the word even came out of the principal’s mouth. Reportedly the student has been so upset over the incident she is unable to focus on her school work. She said her grades have started going down and she cries herself to sleep.

School says the students were sexualizing the Water Snake Wigglies

According to WTMJ-TV, the school is disputing the story, saying they didn’t suspend Frances for selling Sex Toys but rather suspended her because the students were sexualizing the toys.

The statement said that the sexualization of the Water Snake Wigglies was causing a disruption to learning at the school that they couldn’t ignore. In a statement released by the school, they said no permission had been given for the toys to be present in the school and that students had been advised of that fact. However, the sale continued and one of the teachers, and reportedly several parents, had complained that there were sexual overtones associated with the Water Snake Wigglies.

This led to Frances being suspended.

Father is taking a stand in the matter

Despite the school’s statement, Habeck has reportedly uploaded a blog titled “Vindicate Frances, ” and he is planning on having his daughter’s suspension rescinded and clearing her name. He reportedly stood outside the Trinity Lutheran Church in Racine this week, handing out slips of paper including a link to the blog to everyone passing by.