Can you imagine how this teenage girl must have felt when she opened a Christmas present from her mother in front of the entire extended family and pulled out a hot-pink sex toy? Or at least that is what it looked like to her. Holding what she thought was the replica of a man's private part in her hand, she didn't know what to say or do as all eyes were on her as she stood baffled in front of the family who were gathered around opening gifts. Why would her mother give her a sex toy, she wondered, as the present left her speechless.

What did she have in her hand?

The 18-year-old teen couldn't for the life of her figure out what her mother was thinking. She also couldn't believe that her mother would let her open such a personal present in front of the entire family. Doing what any other normal 18-year-old would do in today's world, Shelby Donovan took to the Internet and posted her new gift online for the world to see. That tweet ended up as one heck of a viral joke, reports The Inquisitr.

How could her mother do this?

Shelby wasn't the only one in the crowd mistaking this present for a sex toy, as other members of her family were having a good laugh over the hot pink object that turned the teen bright red.

Shelby's mom was now the one who was baffled as her house in New Orleans was filled with relatives laughing over a Yeti cup holder. They too saw the bizarre appearance of a sex toy that Shelby had in her hands. It wasn't until the stunned teen turned it upside down that her mother realized why everyone was laughing.

Sexy cup holder!

It was also when Shelby turned it upside down that she realized it was a cup holder. Now the mom was understanding the stunned and embarrassed look on her daughter's face when she first opened the package. Shelby realized she was in possession of a new cup holder, which was nothing to be embarrassed about. When Shelby posted the story along with a picture of her gift to Twitter, people were cracking up over the misunderstanding of this Christmas gift.

But -- others saw the uncanny resemblance to something you'd find in an adults only store!

Grandma knew what to say

Shelby said her grandmother's reaction to the gift was the best she heard, describing the present as "business in the morning and fun at night." While this Yeti cup holder got a ton of free advertising via Shelby's tweet, it might not be the kind of advertising they were looking for by word of mouth! Her post has been re-tweeted over 80,000 times and she's received 200,000 likes since she posted the picture five days ago.