Kurt Cochran and his wife, Melissa stopped off in London on their European tour to visit her parents, who are reportedly serving as missionaries there. The couple was celebrating their 25th anniversary and were planning to return home to the U.S. on Thursday. However Kurt, 54, was killed and Melissa was seriously injured during the terror attack in Westminster, London that took four lives and injured at least 40 other people. The suspect in the Terror Attack was shot dead by London Metropolitan police at the scene.

Kurt's wife, Melissa is still in a London hospital, according to her brother, Clint Payne.

Payne said in a statement that their family is heartbroken over the death of Kurt and said that Melissa is being well cared for in the hospital. He went on to thank the emergency responders and medical personnel who cared for both of them.

Westminster Bridge terror attack

The terror attack began at around 2:40 p.m. local time on Wednesday when a car, being driven across Westminster Bridge, plowed into pedestrians and police officers. The car then veered off the road to hit the fence surrounding the Houses of Parliament. As reported by ABC News, at that point a man jumped out of the car and attacked Constable Keith Palmer who was standing guard at the building with a knife, fatally wounding him.

Four people, including Cochran and the police officer, died and 40 others were injured. Another victim in the incident was a mother of two, Aysha Frade, 43, who ran for safety during the incident, only to be hit by a passing bus. USA Today reports that while initially three deaths were reported including the attacker, a fourth victim, reportedly a 75-year-old man, died on Thursday in hospital.

Terror attack suspect shot dead by London police

The man allegedly responsible for the terror attack was shot dead and later identified as a U.K.

citizen, 52-year-old Khalid Masood. Masood was reportedly already known to authorities and had various previous assault convictions and had also been convicted of public order offenses, among other charges. The Metropolitan Police said that Masood’s most recent conviction had been for possession of a knife back in December 2003. However, the police did note that he had not previously been convicted of offenses related to terrorism and was not currently under investigation. Police said eight people have been arrested, suspected of being involved in the preparation of terror attacks.

The U.S. Embassy in London said in a statement that they would assist any U.S. citizens injured or affected by the London terror attack.