Jean Haley and Martha Williams were born together 97 years ago, and regrettably died together on Friday night in Rhode Island. Reportedly they fell outside Haley’s Barrington home in the icy cold and passed away. Reportedly Barrington police were investigating the incident, but say they suspect no foul play in the double deaths. As reported by the Providence Journal, the twins’ family issued a statement Monday to thank everyone who had extended condolences to them in their loss and saying the two women were an inspiration to everyone and had a great passion for life.

The twin sisters fell on Friday night, but were only discovered Saturday morning

Reportedly it was only after a neighbor of Haley looked out of his window and saw something unusual that the pair were discovered. Reportedly he found Williams lying face down behind her vehicle in the driveway at around 8:11 a.m. Shortly afterwards, Haley was discovered lying on the garage floor. According to police, both women, who had spent hours exposed to the bitter cold, had died of hypothermia. Reportedly arctic air has been flowing into the area from Canada, causing temperatures to drop below freezing overnight. According to police, the two women were taken to the Rhode Island Hospital Saturday morning, but both were pronounced dead soon after arrival.

Police call the incident a tragic accident

According to a statement by John LaCross, the Barrington Police Chief, the two women had returned to Haley’s home at around 8:30 p.m.

on Friday, after enjoying a meal with their sister, 89, who also lives in Barrington. Time quoted LaCross as saying it looked like Williams fell in the driveway while walking back to her car, while Haley might possibly have tripped over a rug on the garage floor as she went into the home to call for help. Family members and neighbors were devastated after hearing the news.

Cause of death to still be determined

While the cause of death is still unknown at present, police theorize the extremely cold temperatures that night were probably a factor in the death of the elderly twins. They confirmed there was no foul play involved as reportedly nothing had been taken from the women’s pocketbooks. LaCross went on to offer condolences and their deepest sympathies on behalf of staff at the Barrington Police Department.