The world needs more people like this caring bus driver who noted a Dog hanging upside down from a back porch. The driver for the city of Bristol, Virginia alerted authorities who had difficulty finding the residence in question. The bus driver directed Major Sean Carrigan and police to the home at the corner of Maple and Lester Streets where they witnessed the disturbing scene.

Virginia police rescue hanging dog from back deck

Upon arrival of the home in question, police walked around to the back to save a dog in trouble. It appeared that the animal somehow crawled under a gap between the floor and railing of the back deck and got stuck by its hip bones.

The incident resulted in the dog hanging from its hips for a lengthy amount of time and was barely responsive when discovered by the police and Fire Department that was called in to help. The dog was hanging 12 to 15 feet above the ground.

Several other neglected dogs rescued from home

Officials could not initially get a response from the homeowners and when they did, they were instructed to get medical help for a dog found hanging from the deck. Those requests were ignored. Additionally, while investigating the premises, three other dogs were discovered emaciated without any food or water. The dogs that included a Terrier and Corgi mix were removed from the home.

A fourth dog, a Siberian husky, was found hidden in a closet and also removed. All the dogs were sent to the Jones Animal Hospital in Bristol for treatment, but sadly the dog found hanging had to be euthanized. The other animals are doing well and now gaining weight. The couple, Ms. Pamela Sue Dowell Sacks and Mr. Richard Joseph Sacks are both facing misdemeanor charges for the abuse and neglect although one count could be a potential felony for the death of the dog left hanging.

A further investigation is pending and a court hearing scheduled for April 6th.

During the inquiry, Carrigan was noted saying that it was a sad situation. He commented that no dog should ever be forced to live through such abuse and neglect. Animal Control Officer Deena Bouton will continue with the investigation and appropriate charges.