The Young Turks has featured recent footage from Aleppo, Syria where a child is "miraculously" pulled from beneath rubble, the result of a bombed-out building. TYT host John Iadarola offered that the video may serve as a "reminder" for those who have "forgotten" that the Syrian Civil War continues. TYT founder Cenk Uygur marveled at modern technology that allows for the possibility of the child featured in the video some day growing up and seeing the footage, and contrasted this with the possibility that, as a resident of the war-torn Syrian city, "there is some chance he doesn't grow up."


Uygur then turned to White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, who previously served as the chair at alt-right news outlet Breitbart, before being tapped by President Donald Trump to advise him on his presidential run. As Blasting News has previously featured, Bannon regularly uses the title of a book described as "shockingly racist" as a metaphor to describe the wave of refugees that has washed over Europe, a result of the Syrian Civil War: "The Camp of the Saints," by Jean Raspail, first published in 1973.

Video seen offering proof for Syrian Civil War skeptics

The plot of "The Camp Of The Saints" follows a boat of "Indians" who, faced with poverty, wish to claim asylum in Europe. Today, Cenk Uygur, and others, such as Republican commentator Linda Chavez, see Steve Bannon's use of the title in reference to the current Syrian refugee crisis as a statement that, somehow, the conflict in Syria is made up, and that, instead of fleeing violence and persecution, refugees may be attempting to stage some type of invasion.

Cenk Uygur described the novel viewing the Indians landing in France to be a "declaration of war," which implies that the group wasn't "really in any kind of trouble." The TYT hosts sees Steve Bannon's use of "The Camp of the Saints" when referring to Syrian refugees as a suggestion that they aren't "actually in trouble," and that, instead, they are intent on waging a "war against the West."

Several claim Syrian Civil War photos staged

Judah Friedlander, actor and TYT host, offered that Republicans will claim that the video of the five-year-old child being pulled from rubble in Syria was staged.

Uygur predicted that Alex Jones with InfoWars was "in the middle of saying it" as the TYT video was being recorded. John Iadarola pointed out that, no matter what Alex Jones, InfoWars, or anyone else says, the Syrian Civil War is not staged, "hundreds of thousands have died," and "millions" have been left homeless. "It's not staged!" Cenk Uygur exclaimed.

"It's a real war."

It has been previously noted by Global News that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has claimed that a photo of a young boy sitting in an ambulance after being pulled from rubble in a similar situation, was staged. Five-year-old Omran Daqneesh was reported to have been rescued from a fallen building by Syrian rescue group, the White Hats. The building was said to have been destroyed in an airstrike. The Syrian president contended that photos showed the boy, and his sister, being rescued "twice."