In a recent "The Young Turks" video, host Ana Kasparian contrasted President Donald Trump's apparent attitude towards U.S. veterans during his presidential campaign, with its current state. The host noted how, while he was campaigning, Trump consistently displayed anger over the way service veterans were handled, and showed resolve toward "helping them as much as possible."

However, since his January inauguration, President Trump has been "singing a different tune," with a seeming disinterest in veterans affairs, whatsoever. Ms.

Kasparian stated that, since the November 2016 election, the former reality show star has not met with veterans at all, and that "vets are starting to get really upset about it."

President Trump snubs veterans' group

Ana Kasparian described a White House visit by a group of veterans that occurred last Tuesday. The group, understandably, harbored hopes of, perhaps, being granted a face-to-face meeting with the president. According to the 30-year-old host, "that didn't happen." Instead, the group got to meet with former contestant on Trump's reality show, "The Apprentice," Omarosa Manigault, and David Shulkin, the Veterans Affairs secretary.

Cenk Uygur, "TYT" co-founder, then asked Kasparian if, perhaps, she was being a little hard on Trump.

Mr. Uygur listed "lost limbs," lost friends, "traumatic brain injuries,"and "sacrifice," and stated, "At least they got Omarosa." Kasparian then stepped into President Trump's shoes, and considered the busy schedule of the leader of the free world. The TYT host listed some of the other functions the president attended on Tuesday.

Last Tuesday, President Donald Trump, instead of meeting with a group of veterans, chose to meet with a group of "tourists in the White House basement," leaders of the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations, and members of the Boy Scouts. Kasparian noted how President Trump held television specials "prioritizing" veterans during his campaign, but that now that he has won the presidency, he chooses to meet with Boy Scouts, rather than those who have served the United States.

Kasparian asks Trump voters if they are 'genuinely surprised'

Uygur described Trump "surrounding himself with veterans" during his campaign. Now that he doesn't need them anymore, the TYT founder brushed his shoulder with his hand, making a visual metaphor of Trump's seeming discarding of veterans, now that their utility has been diminished. "Send in some reality show contestant to deal with them," Cenk Uygur seemed to mimic how he imagines the president reacting to aides' news that veterans would be honored speak with him.

Ana Kasparian spoke directly to veterans who voted for Donald Trump. She asked if they were "genuinely surprised" that he shows such little respect for them. She listed things the president has done, seemingly showing a disdain for veterans, including describing U.S.

Senator from Arizona and Vietnam POW John McCain as a "loser," because he was captured; and his public bout with Khizr Khan. Cenk Uygur called Trump's statement that "he prefers people that weren't captured," about John McCain, "unbelievable."

A veteran who was among the group that visited the White House on Tuesday described feeling "completely rebuffed" by the president's apparent snub. Another, Verna Jones, executive director with the American Legion, pointed to the number of veterans the president has met with since being sworn in, and stated that he "has to make sure to make veterans a priority still."