A rookie police officer in Miami, Florida is currently in prison after he was arrested on Friday for stealing from people he pulled over in the line of his work. As reported by the Sacramento Bee, Jose R. Acosta has only been on the force since May of last year, but has most likely lost his job. After complaints were received by the Miami Police Department, an undercover sting operation was run and the rookie cop has now been charged with one count of armed burglary along with another count of armed grand theft. Acosta’s last assignment with the Miami Police was patrolling the Wynwood area, but according to MPD Chief Luis Cabrera, Acosta has been taken out of the line of duty, without pay, until such time as the rookie cop is fired.

Rookie cop brought to justice in a sting operation

Sources from the police department told the Miami Herald that the rookie cop had been accused of pulling over drivers, then quite literally shaking them down and stealing from them. He was finally brought to justice in an undercover sting operation, with the arrest being the joint work of Miami police, the state attorney’s office and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE).

The Miami Police Department will not tolerate such actions

Cabrera said in a statement that the MPD “will not tolerate” actions such as this, that go against the oath of their office as public servants, adding that such actions would contradict their duty to serve and protect their communities.

The president of the Fraternal Order of Police, Lt. Javier Ortiz, gave a statement to commend the outstanding efforts of the Miami Police Department Internal Affairs Division for keeping their police department, and the community as a whole, safe.

While the MPD have initially given little information about the sting operation and how they caught the rookie police officer in the act, a joint press conference by the Miami Police, FDLE and the state attorney’s office is scheduled for Monday afternoon to give more information about the case.