Many people have lost their Purse or wallet on a night out. This isn't uncommon and what comes next can be a pain. Usually, the owner of it has to cancel their credit cards, debit cards and get a new spare of keys. Sometimes people are lucky and someone will return the purse.

What people don't expect is for their purse to be returned with a creepy Note. Hayley Minn, 25, from London, lost her purse a few weeks ago while out. Six weeks later, someone found it and returned it to her via post. However, she received a note with it and she described it as creepy.

What the note said

The note started off by asking Minn how she was doing and that they hope she was fine and well. The note continued to say that the purse was found by Liverpool Street Station. The sender said they thought she might have dropped it and was looking for it.

As the note continues, it gets creepier. The sender wrote how their intentions were to go inside Minn's purse and look for something with her address on it. He then proceeds to say how he found naughty stuff and how he liked how people took extra care.

It gets creepier

If that wasn't creepy enough, the sender wrote how Minn should look after herself and her belongings when she goes out. He said this is because she is one of the most beautiful people he has ever seen.

He added that she was probably more beautiful in person than she was in her photo.

He wrote how he wish he could take Minn out and spend some time with her. In the note, he said he was sure that Minn had someone in her life. He continued to say that he was sure Minn's "someone" was taking good care of her, otherwise she should let him take care of her.

The note ended with telling Minn to have a good weekend and she could contact him if she "required" anything. He said she could contact him if she thinks he could do something for her. He also wrote that Minn should enjoy every moment of her life because she never knows what will happen next.

He signed the note as her secret friend or admirer. He also threw in a few "LOLs" in the letter. As of now, Minn has not contacted the sender and she probably doesn't plan on it.